Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keyboard Mashup

I stopped by the grocery store to pick up stuff for beef stew  and was checking out the meat counter. Of course items are labeled differently - I can find "Stew Meat" in the U.S.  Here the labels say things like "beef top tips" or "round beef sirloin" - what part of the cow is that? I stopped reading labels and started looking at the actual cut.  Eventually I found something that looked like beef stew meat and it took a me a few minutes to decide to buy it as I was unsure of this label, "Australian Orfanic Beef."  Several meats had the same label and I hesitated because in a foreign culture, words that sound even slightly different can be intimidating. I hemmed, hawed, looked around, thought about it, and then spied this label on another piece of meat, "Australian Organic." Oh! Someone had mistyped a bunch of labels and, God bless him, rather than redo all that work, he just went with it and put the misspelled labels out there. With joy and confidence in typos, I bought the "Australian Orfanic" stew beef and headed home to start finner.   

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