Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost Heaven Korea

Kimchi and Fish heads--way too much food

  This week has been my first and hopefully not last trip to Seoul, Korea. Everything has been great with a beautiful modern airport on landing, an efficient mass transit system, the food and the wonderful people.  As I drive thru the city, you could envision this as a any bigger city in the US. Going past the basketball arenas, baseball parks, Olympic stadium, organized traffic(both heavy and not), a beautiful city, a horizon lit at night like a year around Christmas season, it was a very comfortable country to visit.

     The real reason for this post was to relate a story concerning my first night in Seoul. I met up with some business associates for dinner who both happened to be from Ann Arbor and big Univerisity of Michigan fans. We were discussing the recent UM football coaching changes, which I mentioned multiple times that I was a WVU fan, and that I was not that disappointed that UM was having difficulty. They attempted to poke the normal sterotype fun at me for being a WV fan, which they had no real ammo with the UM situation. In the Hyatt Hotel was a house band who was a Korean band but singing everything in English, mostly US pop music. As we were leaving dinner, the band started a new song which could not have been timed more appropriately. They sang a beautiful rendition of "Almost Heaven, West Virginia".  I could not have been more in my glory at this time. Both Michigan men started groaning, accusing me of setting that up, but I just called it WV karma. I made them stand there and listen to the song before getting on the elevator.  Imagine my first trip to Seoul, Korea, living in Hong Kong, missing home and I could not have a better welcome to Korea. Almost Heaven Seoul, Korea.   link to video of Almost Heaven in case you have not heard it or just miss it

Handicapped Urinal in Seoul Airport which adds to my collection of restrooms around the world

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  1. Great information on Seoul. Also thanks for expanding my knowledge of restrooms around the world:)