Saturday, August 27, 2011


     Do you remember when we first got our old clumsy desktop computers, set them up, plugged all the wires in with all the accessories and hardware. Turned on the computer and then proceeded to play solitaire for the first six months? My personal experience came in the form of both solitaire and mine destroy, in which I became the self-proclaimed champion.
     So my wife got an IPad2 which she loves and it has almost all the bells & whistles.  We can watch sling box on it, get any app and just about do everything a normal laptop can do and certainly much more than the old clumsy desktop which we all started with.  However, solitaire comes in a different form. I came home and found my wife had downloaded an app for the cats. A fish swims around the screen and the cat connects with the screen with the fish, it disappears and another appears. Only one of the two cats plays it, but she does play it vigorously.  The cat tries to eat the fish off the IPad2 or hits it with her paw. I am not sure the cat is having fun but the look on my wife’s face is priceless. She has a grin on her face of total enjoyment. She talks to the cat and encourages the cat to get the fish. Once in a while I catch my wife hitting the fish her finger, so I am not sure who is better at hitting the fish.

Who is happier--not the cat

        Of course I guess we all have our vices when it comes to the new IPhones, IPads or electronic devices whether it is Angry birds or Zombies.  While I have apps that I love which are the magnifying glass on my IPhone which helps me with the small print, the mirror or the flashlight, which I all find very useful. But I must admit that my favorite app is Sit or Squat, which gives me GPS directions to the closest public restroom

   So I guess even the new-fangled electronic equipment, can make us smarter or use less brain cells as no matter how advanced the equipment gets, we all still resort to solitaire in some form.