Monday, September 13, 2010

Quantity v Quality

Mark and I spent a rainy Saturday running (via real estate agent and driver) from apartment to apartment, challenging our quantitative memories and qualitative desires.  Will our bed fit into this tiny room with the amazing view?  Can we substitute "under-the-bed-storage" for closet space so we can live close to the Escalators?  It seems like our porch furniture and sectional couch will fit here although we'll have to put one faux wicker chair in each bedroom. Do we care we don't have a dishwasher when there's a gym and pool down on the first floor? Even though we do not plan on having a "domestic helper" we're sure glad there are rooms set aside for them so we have a place for our automatic litter boxes (happily called, Litter Maids - so, I guess we will have some type of domestic helpers).  The day ended with me writing the names of two buildings (Imperial Court and Monmouth Villa) on pieces of paper. Over red wine and Thai food, Mark pulled the name (in a trial run) of "Our New Apartment."  It was Monmouth.

The reason I say "trial run" is because I really loved the view from Imperial Court.  The apartment was slightly smaller than Monmouth Villa, but the view was s p e c t a c u l a r. Far above the hazy, noisy world of Wanchai and Central, Imperial Court made me feel like I had a lot of breathing room.  No gym, no pool, no closets, no easy access, really its saving grace was its view of Victoria Harbor and beyond. 

Monmouth was (is) the most logical choice. An amazing rent, tons of storage, gym, pool, some views of Wanchai, and lots of shopping, restaurants and quick access to Mark's work, it just screams "PICK ME."  And being the anti-establishment type, I decided on Imperial Court. Mark had left the decision up to me and after consulting the Magic 8 Ball (a.k.a. Facebook), I was going for the view.

I met Liza the Real Estate Agent, at Imperial Court and took another look at The Apartment With The View.  Still stunning, still enough room (no closets but we could negotiate that), no gym (but we could join one), not exactly easy access (but its a $4 cab ride downtown), I was ready to say, "Yes!"  Liza suggested one more look at Monmouth (Mark and I affectionately call it Mammoth). I reluctantly said, "Sure!"  (I call that the False-Positive.)  Once we walked in the building I knew it was the right choice. Why would I try to put the "round peg in the square hole"?  Good sized rooms with tons of closet space and a decent view in both the living room and master bedroom.  I turned to Liza and with unexpected confidence and joy I said, "Yeah - this it. We'll take this apartment."  View from our living room:

So, happily we have found our "permanent" home here in Hong Kong...I'll send out our new address once the lease is signed. 

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