Saturday, September 4, 2010

beginning at the beginning...

The beginning began about 18 months ago when I first was introduced to my husband, Mark.  We love telling this part of the story in the presence of each other as it always brings some kind of reaction from the audience. We were both climbing Mount Everest when...okay, not really. Mark likes to say we met in third grade, which would be great if there wasn't this four-year age difference between us. (I actually know someone who met his wife in kindergarten and swears he knew, even then, that she was the one for him.)

Mark and I met on e-Harmony. Yes, its true, we are an e-Harmony success story. Matched in February, 2009, we corresponded through email and chatted on the phone through the month of March. We had our first date in early April, engaged in September and married Christmas Eve, 2009.  I know - whirlwind romance! But the whirlwind was only beginning.

When we married I was living in Athens, Ohio and working at Ohio University.  Mark moved in to my tiny (600 sq ft) house and we lived happily, and compactly, with my two cats, Olivia and Audrey.  Mark traveled a great deal thus making the living arrangements bearable but just barely.  We started house-hunting before the wedding and found a great house a few months after the wedding.  On the mid-March day we closed on the house, Mark got the phone call that his company wanted to interview him for a job with their international office.  By the time we moved to the house in mid-April, we knew we were moving abroad. I'll write some other time about mixed emotions and joys/sorrows of not unpacking every little thing we owned. By mid-May it was settled that Mark would be working from the Hong Kong office and a visit was scheduled for early July. By late July we knew we'd be moving permanently to Hong Kong in early September, 2010.

And so Mark and I are back to a compact life  in a 750 sq ft apartment in a charming serviced apartment building called Shama Wanchai. That's the beginning of the beginning of my life in Hong Kong.

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