Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Actually, today is Tuesday. Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - nearly 5 months after our last post. Recently someone sent me a messages that said, "We miss your updates!" And I replied, "Today I cleaned the cat box, paid a few bills online, and went to the grocery store."

And that's what happens, folks! We start off on something new - a job, a relationship, car, shoes, dog, and we want to share all the excitement with our friends. "My new boss is a hottie!" "My shoes looked smashing!' "The puppy peed on the carpet - so cute!" Over time, the excitement subsides into apathy ("Who? Oh, him. Yeah, I saw him clean his ears with his car keys"), disappointment ("Those shoes pinch my toes, so I have to walk on my heels"), or even, disgust, ("And then he swallowed my pantyhose and we spent $1,000 at the vet"). More than one well-integrated individual has said, "No matter where you move, there you are." Meaning, there YOU are - still you, still have curly hair, and still require two eggs over easy, english muffin and bacon on Sunday mornings. Meaning, its all about attitude.

Our attitude is: so much to do, so little time! Rather than apathy, disappointment or disgust, we're still enthralled with the adventure, still happy with our choice, and digging into local life even more.

Mark has been to India and Australia countless times. He's taken trips to New Zealand, Phillipines, Guam (I got to go, too!), and I think, Thailand. He was in India last week for eight days, is home for four days, leaving for Australia for nine days, home for overnight, then flying to the U.K. for four days, home for two days and back to Australia/New Zealand for two weeks. The only consolation is: I get to go with him this Thursday for my first visit to Australia- specifically Brisbane, Queensland.  Say it like you say "San Diego, California." I'll tell you all about it when I get back!

We went home to the U.S. for a great visit back in May and it hit me - how fast our time is going in HK. It has been a year since our first visit when we explored the possibility of even living here. In about 7 weeks, it will be our one year anniversary, with two years left on our contract. (So, if you're contemplating a visit - git a move on!)

I have fun updates for this blog - a recent hike on Dragon's Back, visits to Jade Market, Temple Night Street Market, Sham Shui Po market and a cemetery hike with local historian, Jason Wordie. And! I painted our apartment - well, at least the living room/dining room area - pictures will accompany that post, as well. See you soon!

Entrance to Jade Market

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