Monday, October 25, 2010

Martha Stewart came to Hong Kong

And stopped by my place to help me out a bit. After some brainstorming, I went back to IKEA and picked up a second pair of curtains for the living room window. So now I have chocolate brown curtains at either end and then these lighter curtains  with various shades of brown and blue leaves as the next layer. Still considering sheers for the center part of the window...tomorrow's duty is to hem the curtains (IKEA provides the iron-on-hemming material - if only I hadn't accidentally thrown away the iron we bought at PriceRight last week....) So, a quick visit to PriceRight for the cheap iron (so I don't feel bad if I throw this one away too) and presto quicko: hemmed curtains....

While unpacking, I found a king size flat sheet for the bedroom window. I scored a new duvet cover for the bed to freshen things up and will eventually (after my sewing lessons in November) buy fabric in Sham Shui Po (fabric market) and make curtains for the three bedrooms.

The guest room is ready! We might have a visitor in February or March to try it out. Will definitely have curtains by then!

The office is almost done and then some small projects that I won't bore you with until the time is upon us to complete them. And! Thank you, gentle reader, for your ideas on how to remedy the curtain situation.

Oh! Another And!

As a newly converted WV Mountaineer, I couldn't resist putting out the welcome mat to all who enter our new home:

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